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Your Goals

Business disputes are a tough reality of running an enterprise that is often difficult to avoid.

You may find yourself in the position of a plaintiff, needing to defend your rights against breaches, for instance, if your business partners do not fulfil their contractual promises.

Or you might be forced to defend yourself against the legal actions brought by your counterparties, competitors and other claimants.

Whatever the circumstances, we understand that businessmen who find themselves amidst the litigation process have the need for:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Time-efficiency
  • Protection of business reputation.

In our client work, we keep to these standards, seeking to maximise the results whilst sustaining affordability and practicability of litigation.


Our Expertise

We possess extensive experience in civil litigation, particularly in the areas of:

  • Company law
  • Banking law
  • Contract and commercial law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Land Law

We have represented business parties in many successful cases with dedication and proficiency.

We are skilled in handling all aspects of civil litigation including:

- chances of success
- costs
- evidence issues
- jurisdictional matters
- time considerations
- determining the type and scale of the remedy to be sought (damages, injunctions, freezing and disclosure orders, declarations etc.)
- filing of Writs of Summons and Applications for Originating Summons
- drafting statements of claims setting out material facts of the case
- serving the claims on foreign parties
- issuing summons for directions 
- structuring and filing statements of defence
- bringing counterclaims
- passing on or sharing liability with a third parties
- avoiding trial, where appropriate, by such means as resisting the court’s jurisdiction, striking out a claim, reaching settlement out of court, etc.

Useful resources

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