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Estate Planning and Trusts

Your Goals

Your family assets may significantly depreciate through unforeseeable dissipation due to opportunistic lawsuits by third parties, bad spending decisions, divorces and other factors.

That is why it is prudent to make provisions regarding the financial future of

  • yourself
  • your young children
  • and even your chosen adult beneficiaries
  • as well as your preferred philanthropic causes such as charities.
To implement them, you may employ the following legal instruments (depending on your circumstances)

  • trusts
  • wills
  • gift deeds
In the international context, setting up a Cyprus International Trust may offer you considerable taxation advantages.


Our Expertise

We can help you put in place effective estate planning and asset protection arrangements

  • Informing you about the requirements and effects of the available options
  • Drafting the trust deeds that give effect to your preferences
  • Assuming the role of a trustee or setting up trustee companies, corporate protectors and enforcers
  • Registering the trusts with the Cyprus Bar Association
  • Preparing a will
  • Estate administration, winding up and distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries
  • and providing other related services.

Useful Resources

Cyprus Bar Association Announcement: Trusts Registry